About Us

At Discover and Change we have seen the problems and challenges people face in their own lives as well as in their families and relationships. Many people that we know personally are struggling to find happiness in their lives and are looking for help. Yet, they don’t feel comfortable seeing a therapist or doctor. Seeing this need we have worked together to create an online safe environment where people can come and discover what they need to do to find and achieve lasting change in their lives and their relationships. Below you can read a bit more about our history and why we are so passionate about serving you in our company.

Our History

Discover and Change began as a joint venture between Dr. Kevin Skinner and Stephen Nielson. Leveraging their unique skillset in therapy and technology they created a series of assessment tools and educational resources designed to help individuals deal with personal and mental health challenges. Later, Allen Tietjen was brought on to help oversee and drive the executive decisions of the company. Eventually, Allen and Kevin moved on to other ventures as Stephen Nielson took over full time in building tools to assist therapists and individuals in their life recovery.