Are you wondering how to develop intimacy in your marriage?

When most people think about intimacy in their relationship they think about sex. Our goal is to help you and all couples who are struggling with intimacy realize that if they create a connection in the other five types of intimacy, sexual intimacy in their relationship will improve significantly.

If you want to develop a deeper level of intimacy in your relationship, let us help you and your spouse deepen the bond you have.

Dr. Kevin Skinner has created a step-by-step approach to help couples just like you.

Let us help!

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What can I do?

Watch and learn from Dr. Kevin Skinner, a licensed marriage family therapist, how our Relationship Intimacy Program will help you discover the root of your relationship problems and discover how to resolve them.

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Get access to the first part of our four part video class on Finding Relationship Intimacy

Here’s how it works.

  • Watch our short introductory video above. It will outline the process of how we can help you develop intimacy in your relationship.
  • Second, sign up to receive the free first video (Barriers to Intimacy) which discusses the most common barriers couples face when trying to create intimacy.Watch for FREE!
  • Third, sign-up and take The Relationship Intimacy Test. This unique assessment will help you identify the areas in which you and your spouse need the most help and it will assess you in each of the six types of intimacy. Buy Now!
  • Fourth, if you really want to dig in and work on your relationship you can sign up for the additional video and education support offered in our Basic Plus Package or Advanced Package. See our package offerings below!
  • If you want to truly develop great intimacy, you will want to discover how to implement all six types of intimacy in your marriage.

Get started today!

Relationship Intimacy Program

Are you ready for change in your relationship? The Finding and Creating Relationship Intimacy package a step-by-step
guide to help you understand the key barriers that prevent you from experiencing the intimacy you desire in your relationship.

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