Many people ask us what they should do if they have no intimacy in marriage?
Our answer is not what they expect.

In the beginning, instead of focusing on the lack of intimacy,
we start by teaching you how to get to the root of your problems.
There are always reasons when intimacy leaves a relationship,
but when those issues are unresolved true intimacy rarely returns.

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What can I do?

Watch and learn from Dr. Kevin Skinner, a licensed marriage family therapist, how our Relationship Intimacy Program will help you get to the root of your intimacy problems and resolve them.

Get help today!

Get access to the first part of our four part video class on Finding Relationship Intimacy

We understand that your long-term desire is to have a healthy intimate relationship again.

So, let us help you get to the root of the problem.

Our step-by-step process is simple.

  • Understand the barriers to intimacy. (Watch our free video above)
  • Watch class (Finding and Creating Relationship Intimacy) Watch for FREE!
  • Take “The Relationship Intimacy Test” (Discover how to create 6 types of intimacy in your relationship. Our experience has been that when one form of intimacy (e.g. verbal intimacy) increases other forms of intimacy soon follow. In other words, create intimacy in one area and improve it in other areas. The assessment will help you identify how you are doing in all six types of intimacy and offer specific suggestions on how improve in each area. Buy Now!
  • Are you ready for more intimacy?

Get started today!

Relationship Intimacy Program

Are you ready for change in your relationship? The Finding and Creating Relationship Intimacy package a step-by-step
guide to help you understand the key barriers that prevent you from experiencing the intimacy you desire in your relationship.