100 Day Sexual Addiction Recovery Program

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For over 25 years we’ve been perfecting our program to help people just like you find the answers and solutions to life long recovery from unwanted sexual behaviors and negative coping patterns.  Our 100 day program gives you the daily activities, knowledge, and tools you need to succeed.

What You Get In This Program

Short Lessons

What would it be like to start eliminating unwanted porn or sex habits in just a few minutes each day?  This program is designed to be done in short periods each day.  The typical lesson can be done in just 10-15 minutes.  By engaging in brief bite sized chunks you will not be overwhelmed and you will establish life long habits of recovery.

Videos & Emails

Every day we will send you an email and a short 5-7 minute video from our expert porn and sex addiction therapist, Dr. Kevin Skinner, who will guide you on your journey for recovery.  One on one, you will feel as if you are in Dr. Skinner’s office working through your recovery process.


Daily activities in this course are designed to give you insight into yourself, your past, and the solutions you need for lasting and meaningful change. Through assessments, journal prompts, and other worksheets you’ll find answers and establish lasting lifelong habits.


Our unique, loving, and empathetic approach will help you find compassion for yourself.  You will learn how to eliminate the traps of shame that drive addiction. 

Who Will Teach You

Dr. Kevin Skinner

I've spent my life helping individuals and couples deal with sexual addiction and relationship intimacy.  Now I've taken much of what we do in therapy with my clients and bundled it into this online recovery program.  You might have a pornography problem, a sex addiction, or some other unwanted sexual behaviors you are looking to get rid of.  This recovery program will give you the help you need no matter where you are. - Dr. Skinner.

What Others Are Saying

Program Curriculum

We welcome you to the program and give you an overview of the next 100 days.  We cover what you will learn, why we created the program and what a typical day will look like.

We work with you on what it will take for you to change, how you can change your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and beliefs to create the foundation for your recovery.  The topics for this section are:
  • Day 2 – Why Change Now? *
  • Day 3 – What Are You Changing?
  • Day 4 – How To Change
  • Day 5 – What It Takes To Change
  • Day 6 – Change Your Thoughts
  • Day 7 – Change Your Emotions
  • Day 8 – Change Your Behaviors
  • Day 9 – Change Your Beliefs

Everyone has a story that that provides keys to recovery from our sexual habits.  We dive into your story and provide you the key tools to deal with cravings and shame while you work throughout the rest of the 100 day program.  We then dive into the different parts of your life story that may be influencing your sexual behaviors. The topics we cover are:

  • Day 10 – What’s Your Story?
  • Day 11 – The Signs Of Sexual Addiction, Dealing With Cravings, and Having a Plan *
  • Day 12 – The Voice of Shame *
  • Day 13 – How Understanding Your Past Can Aid in Your Recovery
  • Day 14 – What If I Don’t Want To Deal with My Past?
  • Day 15 – Two Good Books To Understand You and Your Family
  • Day 16 – The Role of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Your Physical and Mental Health
  • Day 17 – Key Events and Their Role In Addictive Behaviors
  • Day 18 – The Role of Primary Caregivers on Your Life
  • Day 19 – The Influence of Your School Years
  • Day 20 – Your Dating Relationships
  • Day 21 – Your Adult Relationships

Once we have established  into your life story story we dive into the specific drivers of your sexual behaviors.  Knowing these drivers enables you to replace old behaviors with new ones.  The topics covered in this section are:

  • Day 22 – What’s Driving Your Addictive Behaviors
  • Day 23 – How To Implement New Behaviors To Replace Old Addictive Behaviors
  • Day 24 – Common Mental Health Behaviors Associated with Addiction
  • Day 25 – Exploring Solutions For Mental Health Issues
  • Day 26 – Running From Your Emotions
  • Day 27 – Dealing with Multiple Addictions
  • Day 28 – Are You Dealing with ADHD?

In this section we cover the importance of accountability and how to best create and utilize an accountability team.  The specific topics covered in this section are:

  • Day 29 – The Role of Accountability in Recovery
  • Day 30 – Addressing Your Fears to Reaching Out
  • Day 31 – Strategies for Building Your Accountability Team
  • Day 32 – How to Utilize Your Team
  • Day 33 – When You Don’t Want to Reach Out for Support
  • Day 34 – Helping Others on Your Team

In this area you will learn about the thoughts and behaviors people engage in that lead to relapse.  You’ll learn how to identify patterns in yourself and what steps you can take to break the patterns. Topics include:

  • Day 35 – Patterns of Relapse
  • Day 36 – Patterns of Justifying Behaviors
  • Day 37 – Patterns of Justifying Thoughts

One of the keys to recovery is how to succeed in crucial moments.  We will teach you how to respond and integrate strategies into your life to deal with the times when you are most vulnerable to relapsing into your unwanted sexual behavior.  Topics in this section include:

  • Day 38 – Strategies to Help You Succeed In Crucial Moments *
  • Day 39 – Understanding Reaction Sequences
  • Day 40 – Responding When You Are Most Vulnerable
  • Day 41 – The Five Things List in Action
  • Day 42 – Crucial Moments and Accountability
  • Day 43 – Follow Through and Consistency

This is a critical day that we cover the loneliness that unwanted sexual behaviors can create for us. You will want to pay special attention here to know how to deal with these feelings of loneliness.

Learn how to stop hiding from others including yourself.  We help you learn how to keep the commitments you are making to yourself and your loved ones.  Topics include:

  • Day 45 – No more secrets
  • Day 46 – Being honest with ourselves *
  • Day 47 – Being honest with others
  • Day 48 – Being true to yourself
  • Day 49 – Keeping your commitments

Reflecting on our progress is a key motivational and learning tool.  In this day we review the efforts you have been making in your recovery through this program.  This will prepare you for the next 50 days of your recovery.

Dr. Skinner takes you through what it takes to create successful relationships as part of your recovery process.  Topics in this section include:

  • Day 51 – Creating Successful Relationships in Recovery
  • Day 52 – Addiction or Intimacy
  • Day 53 – Building Your Relationship Skills
  • Day 54 – Intellectual Intimacy in Recovery 
  • Day 55 – Spiritual Intimacy in Recovery
  • Day 56 – Psychological Intimacy in Recovery
  • Day 57 – The Healing Power of Deep Listening
  • Day 58 – Finding the Right Environment for Recovery

Stress is a major trigger point for causing us to relapse or engage in unwanted sexual behaviors.  In this segment of the program we cover how you can deal with the stress you are facing.  Topics include:

  • Day 59 – How to Deal with Stress (Part 1)
  • Day 60 – How to Deal with Stress (Part 2)
  • Day 61 – Learning from Your Emotions
  • Day 62 – Orienting — Think Before You Act
  • Day 63 – On Being Intentional

We go through an honest assessment of where are you at in your recovery today.  We look at how you are doing and is there anything missing that we need to add to your recovery program.  Topics include:

  • Day 64 – Where Am I Today?
  • Day 65 – Is There Something Missing?
  • Day 66 – Improving the Quality of Your Life
  • Day 67 – On Finding More Happiness
  • Day 68 – Joy in the Journey
  • Day 69 – Learning to Play Again
  • Day 70 –  Let’s Laugh
  • Day 71 – Discovering the Productivity Principle
  • Day 72 – Healthy Habits
  • Day 73 – Keystone Habits
  • Day 74 – The Value of Exercise in the Recovery Experience
  • Day 75 – The Value of Sleep While Working on Recovery
  • Day 76 – The Value of Eating Healthy While Working on Recovery
  • Day 77 – The Importance of Healthy Financial Habits While Working on Recovery
  • Day 78 – The Power of Moments
  • Day 79 – How to Create the Moments so Lasting Change is Possible
  • Day 80 – Change is a Process *
  • Day 81 – Making Amends (Part 1)
  • Day 82 – Making Amends (Part 2)
  • Day 83 – Making Amends to Children and Other Family Members
  • Day 84 – Making Amends to Others
  • Day 85 – Letting Go of the Burden
  • Day 86 – The Brain’s Way of Healing
  • Day 87 – Changing Your Mind
  • Day 88 – Building New Neural Pathways
  • Day 89 – How Can I Be Better At Relationships?
  • Day 90 -What Do You Think is the Most Important Part of Recovery?
  • Day 91 -Why Do I Still Fell Bad About Myself When I Have Been Clean for Months?
  • Day 92 -How Do I Find a Balance Between Everyday Life and Recovery?
  • Day 93 – When This Ends What Do You Recommend I Do to Keep Going?
  • Day 94 – Love is a Choice – Make It Every Day
  • Day 95 – Letting Yourself Be Loved
  • Day 96 – The Role of Self-Compassion in Recovery *
  • Day 97 – Compassion For Others
  • Day 98 – Letting Love Flow
  • Day 99 -Final Thoughts on the Role of Love in Your Life and Your Recovery

We conclude the course and Dr. Kevin Skinner shares his final thoughts.  We also discuss with you the challenges you may run into moving forward after this 100 day program.

Introductory Video

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