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Don’t Settle for Anything Less
than “True Intimacy” in your relationship

If you are frustrated, hurt, lonely, or discouraged by the intimacy (or lack of intimacy) in your relationship, you are not alone. Literally, millions of couples are unsatisfied with the depth of intimacy in their relationships. Concerning this matter Dr. William Glasser said the following, “…I’d say about 75% of people in the country who are married are unhappy in their marriage.” (1) Whether this is accurate or not, there is a tremendous need for change in our relationships.

While there are answers, the problems need to be discovered and resolved. Healthy relationships do NOT just happen. They are developed and nurtured. “Ability does not just come by nature without training. We have to educate it in ourselves. Everyone has to train his own self.” (Suzuki) The goal of this unique intimacy test is to provide couples the relationship skills so that they can achieve true intimacy in their relationships.

In order to help you we have created the “Relationship Intimacy Test.” This test is a powerful new tool for helping couples create intimacy in their relationship.

When you take this test you will learn how to:

  • Assess your relationship – You cannot fix a problem without first understanding it. Far too many couples repeat the same unhealthy patterns in their relationships and expect different results. When you take this test you will be assessing you and your partner in the key areas that make or break intimate relationships. Self-assessment is critical to long-term change.
  • Evaluate the Results – Once you have assessed your relationship, it is time for you to troubleshoot the problem areas in your relationship and remove the behaviors that are preventing true intimacy. Your test results will include summary results in more than 15 areas illustrating areas of strength and weakness.
  • Prepare and Plan – The next step is to prepare and plan for change. Couples who have developed unhealthy patterns need to learn new ways of communicating and problem solving. In our answers to each category we offer “Ideas for Improvement.” These ideas allow you to create new strategies to break old unhealthy patterns and offer new ideas on how to create deeper levels of intimacy.
  • Implement – The final step is to implement the changes we suggest for your relationship. When you take this test you will be given assignments to help you put into action the things you have learned. These assignments are designed to help you alter the stagnant types of intimacy in your relationship.

We invite you to settle for nothing less than true intimacy in your relationship.

We are waiting to help you and your partner achieve deeper levels of intimacy in your relationship.

With Regards,

Dr. Kevin B. Skinner, LMFT

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