Stuck in your relationship problems?

Do you feel hopeless?

All couples face adversity and challenges at some point, but you
can repair both short and long term relationship problems. The Relationship Intimacy Program
gives you the solutions you need to change your relationship today. Dr. Skinner, our expert
licensed marriage family therapist guides you through the key strategies to resolve the problems you face.

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Why is this so hard?

Old patterns, once established, are hard to break. As a result you may be feeling hopeless or lost and don’t know where
to begin. Our step-by-step Relationship Intimacy Program will help you and your partner to create new healthy patterns in
your relationship.

Get help today!

Get access to the first part of our four part video class on Finding Relationship Intimacy

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Relationship Intimacy Program

Are you ready for change in your relationship? The Finding and Creating Relationship Intimacy package a step-by-step
guide to help you understand the key barriers that prevent you from experiencing the intimacy you desire in your relationship.