Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal E-Book and Classes Bundle



Have you been told that you are overreacting? That you are too angry or that you should just calm down? Has someone said to you, “You just need to forgive and move on?” Individuals I have met with from around the world have explained to me that people just don’t understand what they going through. I agree. Through my research and clinical observations, I am convinced that many people in our society do not understand how challenging it is to experience betrayal.

For this reason, I have put together a package of 10 online video classes that accompany my e-book. My goal is to help individuals suffering from sexual betrayal get the help they really need. In these 10 video classes I discuss the following:

  • Why Do I Feel Like I’m Going Crazy?
  • What? This is Normal?
  • How to Make Sense of Your Trauma
  • Is This Life Threatening? How to Protect Yourself
  • I Keep Reliving It. How Do I Get It to Stop?
  • I’m Avoiding Life: How to Feel Alive Again
  • It’s My Fault, Right? How to Overcome the Great Lie
  • Please Stop My Racing Mind: The Essentials for Slowing Down
  • Being the Real You While Facing Betrayal
  • The Secret Sauce to Long-Term Healing

Over the past decade, I have been given the opportunity to help individuals dealing with sexual betrayal from all around the world. It has been my privilege to train therapists and clergy from all denominations as well. After my trainings, many have inquired if I have more in-depth training courses to help them help others. In an effort to help both individuals suffering from betrayal and those who help them, these videos offer the essential tools for healing.

If you feel stuck or depressed, if you can’t sleep at night because you are so overwhelmed, if you find you are angrier than you have ever been, if you have stopped loving yourself, if you want to heal, I invite you to join me.

How Does It Work?

I have asked my team to package the e-book, Treating Trauma from Sexual Betrayal and the 10 Training Online Video Classes together. When you purchase the package you will be given immediate access to a digital copy of the book and the 10 video classes. This package would be equivalent to spending more than six hours with me in therapy–a $750 value.

In an effort to make the e-book and 10 online video classes as affordable as possible, I have asked my team to give you a significant discount. For a one time cost of $99.95, you can discover how to apply the essential tools for healing in your life. You can get unstuck from your pain and genuinely begin the healing process.

I invite you to let me share with you what I have discovered that works. Let your healing begin now!


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